Windsor Management is a commercial property management company serving the Bay Area and Northern California. We manage office, retail, medical, and industrial warehouse properties and also work with commercial associations and their owners. Windsor is a woman founded and owned business.

Windsor efficiently manages all operational and financial aspects of the property. We do this by:

  • Employing a dedicated staff with around-the-clock responsiveness because tenants want to know they’re heard.
  • Utilizing our large network of vendors to reduce costs while relying on responsiveness built through a trusting relationship and backed by our large buying power.
  • Providing timely and accurate information to our owners so they are always up-to-date on their investments.
  • Understanding that controlling costs and providing quality customer service drivers tenant retention and maximizes asset profitability.
  • Applying our extensive experience and variety of backgrounds to quickly find responsive, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to complex situations.
  • Striving to bring efficiency and professionalism to every aspect of our business.

Windsor operates on a simple and transparent management fee because it is important we do not profit from the recommendations we make or vendors we hire. We always align with the owners’ interests and our fee structure ensures owners know our advice is unbiased. Working hard to ensure great service as “standard practice” balanced with competitive pricing of our services is our priority.

Our team looks forward to the opportunity to serve you!